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Canadians Scooping Up Foreign Real Estate Bargains

Canadians were the largest group of foreign homebuyers in the United States in 2009, according to the National Association of Realtors, and they will likely garner the same title in 2010, as current statistics suggest their interest in U.S. real estate appears to still be on the upswing. Their purchases, mostly as second homes, were […] Read More »

Germans Embrace Condo Hotel Concept in Miami

Foreign Investment in South Florida Properties on the Rise Spurred by tax savings and a strengthening in the euro, German property investors are renewing their push into U.S. markets.  Much of that interest has been in the relatively new concept of condo hotels popular in Miami, Florida. “German investors have long favored the U.S. because […] Read More »

The Appeal of U.S. Property to Foreign Investors

The benefits of foreign investment in the United States are widely recognized. U.S. real estate provides foreign investors with a diversification option that has a solid return without the volatility of stocks. U.S. real estate is attractive to foreign investors for a number of reasons including its diversification, openness, size and selection. U.S. real estate […] Read More »

U.S. Condo Hotels For International Buyers

The Appeal of U.S. Condo Hotels to Overseas Buyers Condo hotels have particular appeal to international individuals and companies that would like to invest in vacation homes in the United States but don’t want the hassles of maintaining and renting out their property when they’re not using it. Unlike a timeshare, a condo hotel unit […] Read More »

Latin American Buyers Spur Development of Condo Hotels in Urban Areas

by Scott Podvin and Brad Pearsal The success of the condo-hotel product in resort locales in South Florida is well-documented.  The Ritz-Carlton on Key Biscayne, the Setai on Miami Beach, and the Atlantic in Fort Lauderdale are just three of many projects that are succeeding with the leisure condo-hotel product. But, where do condo-hotels fit […] Read More »


Getting a Loan for Your Vacation Home: Financing a Condo Hotel Unit or Fractional Ownership

Tougher Loan Application Process If you’re considering the purchase of a condo hotel or fractional ownership in a private residence club, you’ll want to begin investigating your financing options earlyon in the process. Mortgage lenders readily admit that they’re tougher on second home and vacation home loan applications than they are on primary-home loans. Why? […] Read More »

Condo Hotel Financing for the Foreign Citizen Buying in the U.S.

By James Duncan So you’ve realized that you’d like to own a vacation home in a luxury condo hotel (condotel) in the U.S. and now only have to figure out how to finance the purchase. You have good credit in your home country, a decent income, and have never had a problem paying back any […] Read More »

New Financing Option for Real Estate Investment Provides Alternative to Traditional Loans

With real estate values continuing their nosedive to new lows, the one thing that prevents investors from taking advantage of the great buying opportunities is the scarcity of money. Despite their federal bailout, banks still aren’t ready to open up the cash tap. Many borrowers won’t meet the more severe regulations imposed by Fannie Mae […] Read More »

Financing Your Condo Hotel Unit

By Oren Orkin A condo hotel (AKA condotel) is a great way to own a luxurious vacation home without the traditional hassles of ownership such as property maintenance and finding renters when you’re not using it. Buying this type of property is similar to purchasing a typical condominium. However, there are a few extra considerations […] Read More »


Condo Hotels: What to Check Out Before You Check In

 By Annika Mengisen TheStreet.com Staff Reporter 7/24/2007 About 20 years ago on the high seas of south Florida’s real estate market, many dated condo hotels lacked quality and prestige. The scourge of changing tax laws made them less attractive investments and many conversion projects were sunk. In the late 1990s came The Mutiny, an apartment […] Read More »

Five-Star Living at Condo Hotels in Miami, Boston, San Francisco

(Reprinted From Investment Guide, May 2004) How would you like to live in a condo where you never have to cook, clean or walk your own dog? While it sounds like a dream, it’s a reality for the residents who call a five-star hotel–such as the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons or Mandarin Oriental–home. The hotel apartment […] Read More »

What the Experts are Saying

The real estate market in South Florida continues to boom, despite a tough economy. While other regions have seen declines, the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area is still going strong. It not only has maintained its powerful appeal to buyers worldwide but has also seen significant appreciation in value over the years. A consortium of South Florida […] Read More »

Condo Hotels – Ownership, Luxury & Appreciation: A Trend Worth Watching

The following article was reprinted from Vacation Ownership magazine, Winter 2004. by Joel Greene What could be more perfect than owning a luxury vacation home at a world class resort and receiving rent revenue whenever you’re not using it?  Condo hotels are the newest trend in vacation home ownership.  Live in it when you’re there; […] Read More »

Condo Hotels Move Beyond Resort Towns

Condo Hotels Move Beyond Resort Towns By DENNIS RODKIN This article reprinted from The New York Times, April 2, 2004. CONDO hotels – developments that, as the name suggests, provide condominium ownership in a hotel-like setting – have for years been popular in vacation spots like Aspen, Miami and some upscale resort towns in Mexico. […] Read More »

Condos vs. Condo Hotels

Perhaps you’re on the fence regarding which type of property would best suit your needs, a condo hotel or a straight condo.  Clearly, both have their benefits, and the ultimate choice is an individual one.  However, the following information should help you to at least discern the differences between the two. Price of Condos vs. […] Read More »

Straight Condos in Condo Hotels – The Appeal of Hybrid Real Estate

Along with the proliferation of condo hotels in South Florida and around the country has come a new breed of real estate — the condo hotel hybrid.  Webster’s defines hybrids as “the interaction or cross-breeding of two unlike sources.”  While the definition is usually applied to animals or plants, it can be relevant to real […] Read More »

Second Homes, Vacation Homes, Retirement and Investment

Condo Hotels for Second Homes, Vacation Homes, Retirement and Investment

Considering buying a second home or vacation home?  Great idea!  You’re about to join one of the fastest growing trends in the United States and the world.  And, if it’s a condo hotel unit that you’re thinking of, then you have a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a very exciting, […] Read More »

Should a Condo Hotel Be Your Next Vacation Home?

Gregg Fous, a leading Florida realtor, recently interviewed Joel Greene, president of of Condo Hotel Center, on the subject of condo hotels.  The interview appeared in Gregg’s weekly newsletter.  Here are some excerpts from that interview: Gregg:  Exactly what are condo hotels? Joel:  Condo hotels are typically high-rise, luxury properties in popular vacation destinations, such […] Read More »

Homeowners Embrace a Unique Arrangement: Condo Hotels as Second Homes

By JANET MORRISSEY Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal Reprinted From The Wall Street Journal Online NEW YORK — Vacation-hungry Americans, disillusioned by the time-share experience but desperate to escape to a second home, have begun turning toward luxury condominium-hotels for refuge. And a growing number of big-name hotel companies, such as Hilton Hotels […] Read More »

10 Reasons Why Condo Hotels Are the Perfect Vacation Home

by Joel Greene Condo hotels are cropping up in many resort locations. Operated by renowned hospitality companies such as Hilton, Four Seasons, Hyatt and Trump International, condo hotels are being built in leading vacation spots such as Las Vegas, Miami Beach, the Caribbean, and Dubai. They often include luxurious features and amenities, making them the […] Read More »

Timeshares VS. Condo Hotels For Vacation Home Ownership

Because condo hotels are a relatively new concept in vacation home ownership, many people are unfamiliar with them. For this reason, Condo Hotel Center has prepared the following comparison between timeshares and condo hotels. Flexibility in Use Timeshares – When you purchase a timeshare, you choose not only a set location but also a specific […] Read More »

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