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Fractionals Attract Vacation-Home Market

Timeshare:  Sales & Marketing By Robert Selwitz Hotel & Motel Management Upper-upscale fractional ownership and traditional timesharing are similar yet different. While both involve shared occupancy of a property, fractionals target affluent clientele, and its time periods are longer than the traditional week or two. Fractionals are marketed to those who want a vacation home […] Read More »

The Second Home Ownership Market

Second home ownership is one of the fastest growing sectors in the real estate industry and one set to rise dramatically over the next decade due to the confluence of very powerful demographic, socio-economic, and cultural trends in American society. Many different types of people buy second homes, but the target market is dominated by […] Read More »

Second Homes With All the Amenities of a Luxury Hotel

Private Residence Clubs & Fractional Ownership Offer an Appealing Lifestyle Being pampered is a part of the resort experience for many vacationers. Impeccable service is what often leads them back to top hotels again and again. Those who prefer a private residence in their getaway locations can choose from an array of housing options. But […] Read More »

Fractional Ownership of Vacation Homes Emerging as Attractive Investment

Fractionals Gain Momentum The last couple of years have liberated the timeshare segment from its unassuming status, as it outperformed almost every other sector during the worst downturn in the history of hospitality. Now fractional ownership of vacation homes is emerging as an attractive investment for both consumers and developers. Recent research by Ragatz Associates, […] Read More »

Timeshare Comparisons

Comparison of Fractionals to Timeshares

Fractionals, also called private residence clubs, are sometimes compared to luxury timeshares, however, it’s important to understand the differences between the two types of investments before you can decide which one is right for you. Fractionals Are High-end Luxury Homes for the Privileged Few The most significant difference between fractionals and timeshares is the level […] Read More »

Comparison of Fractionals to Timeshares

Many people confuse fractionals and private residence clubs with timeshares. In reality they have vast differences. Fractionals are far more exclusive and include many more luxury amenities and services than timeshares. They tend to be larger homes, usually three to five bedrooms so there is plenty of room for family, friends or clients. Timeshares are […] Read More »

Residence Clubs Give Timeshares a Run for Boomers’ Money

Clubs Tout Buyers with ‘Affordable Vacationing,’ ‘Five-Star’ Amenities By Tom Kelly, Syndicated Columnist BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. – Can’t get enough of that timeshare? Would you trade a few of your allotted vacation days for the same number of nights at an upscale hotel, complete with a personal chef in your luxurious suite? Welcome to […] Read More »

Home Sweet Timeshare

Private Residence Clubs Offer Five-Star Service & Luxurious Quarters (Reprinted from Business Week) Here’s the latest twist in the vacation industry: the swanky time-share. High-end hotel chains such as the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons (FS ) are selling fractional ownership in so-called private residence clubs that offer five-star service along with luxurious quarters at such […] Read More »

Timeshares vs. Fractionals: Naming by the Numbers

By Sarah B. Rezak People often ask how private residence clubs (“PRCs”) differ from timeshare. Ask this question to a developer or seller of the PRC product, and you’ll get a list of reasons why they’re completely different products. But look at the legal documents the buyer signs at closing and you’ll see they’re fundamentally […] Read More »

Destination Clubs

Destination Clubs, Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Member

Destination clubs, also called vacation clubs, have suddenly become the talk of the vacation industry. The concept is simple: much like a traditional country club, members pay a membership deposit and annual dues to join and access the club’s properties. But rather than access to a single golf course as with a country club, members […] Read More »

Destination Clubs, An Alternative to Traditional Vacation Home Ownership

Destination clubs, also called vacation clubs, are receiving much attention lately as consumers seek to explore all their options for enjoying their leisure time away from home. Destination Clubs are part of a new wave of luxury clubs that let travelers buy into a portfolio of luxury vacation homes. They are ideal for the individual […] Read More »


Comparison of Whole Ownership to Fractional Ownership

People interested in purchasing a vacation home no longer have to go the traditional route. Now many options exist, including shared or fractional ownership that costs less, includes numerous amenities and doesn’t involve the hassles of home maintenance. Here’s a comparison of whole ownership versus fractional ownership: Whole Ownership The appeal: Whole ownership is what […] Read More »

Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Fractional

We believe the best buyer is an educated buyer. Therefore, we recommend that you ask the following questions before purchasing a fractional or membership in a private residence club. The answers will help you determine if this type of vacation home ownership is right for you. HOW IS THE FRACTION DEFINED? Each company bases its […] Read More »

Six Considerations to Selecting a Vacation Home

Selecting a second home deserves almost the same amount of thought and careful consideration as does your primary residence. After all, you want to ensure a future of happy vacations and, if you’re like most people, prefer your investment to be one that appreciates over time. Give consideration to the following six key variables when […] Read More »

Fractionals Growing in Popularity

The Future of Fractionals Looks Promising   The hottest new category of second-home real estate, fractionals, also known as private residence clubs, may well redefine the timeshare industry. At last count, according to a study by Ragatz Associates of Eugene, Ore., 62 fractional projects in various stages are located throughout the country. Of that number, […] Read More »

Results of an Industry Study of Fractionals & Private Residence Clubs

An industry study of the fractionals and private residence clubs market was recently completed. Below are some of the key findings: Industry Size – As of April 2003, over 138 fractional interest resorts and private residence clubs were in existence in the United States. An additional 31 resorts are in various stages of planning. Package […] Read More »

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