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Straight Condos in Condo Hotels – The Appeal of Hybrid Real Estate

Along with the proliferation of condo hotels in South Florida and around the country has come a new breed of real estate — the condo hotel hybrid.  Webster’s defines hybrids as “the interaction or cross-breeding of two unlike sources.”  While the definition is usually applied to animals or plants, it can be relevant to real estate as well.

Some five-star condo hotels have now begun to offer a percentage of their units as straight condos.  That is, buyers would have deeded ownership of a one-, two- or three-bedroom condo unit, and would also have access to all the wonderful amenities of the condo hotel.  These amenities range from luxury spas and world-class gyms to concierge services and on-site gourmet restaurants.  Unlike the condo hotel units, however, the straight condos would not be a part of the hotel’s rental program.

With regard to investment potential, condo owners would benefit from the condo hotel property’s well-known franchise name and five-star reputation.  That is, a condo in Canyon Ranch or the Four Seasons condo hotels would likely have better resale value than a comparable condo in a no-name property.  The condos would also be differentiated from all other condos on the market by virtue of the condo hotel’s reputation and its five-star services.

Some of the hybrid properties in Florida, currently offering both condo hotel units and straight condos are:

  • The Setai, Miami Beach
  • Roney Palace, Miami Beach
  • One Bal Harbour, Miami Beach
  • Acqualina, Miami
  • Canyon Ranch, Miami Beach
  • Four Seasons, Miami Beach
  • Espirito Santo Plaza, Miami Beach
  • St. Regis, Fort Lauderdale
  • Regent Winter Park, Orlando

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