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Testimonials From Buyers

It is a pleasure to work with you, read your website and receive your Property Alerts. The amount of detailed, professional information that you provide is impressive and enables me to make real estate investment decisions with confidence.

Paul, Sunnyvale, CA

I had been considering the purchase of a condo hotel for about two years and found it frustrating that I couldn’t get a good idea about availability and amenities in one place. The individual sellers will, of course, tell you that their properties are the best.

I eventually contacted Joel Greene at Condo Hotel Center, and he was a great source of information. I found out all the information I needed to make a good decision. I would not consider buying a condo hotel without his input and hard work. Joel is the best. Use him!!!

James, Chicago, IL

Thank you very much for your insights into today’s real estate market, Joel. You are a very nice and trustworthy friend.

Jean, Long Beach, CA

Just wanted to say thanks for providing lots of great information on the do’s and don’ts of condo hotel buying and ownership! I live in Georgia, and am looking to purchase in the Panama City Beach, FL area but know so little about the best way to proceed or the best properties to invest in. I will definitely need rental income from my investment to help offset the costs of HOA, insurance, and mortgage payments, and your site was very helpful in providing a realistic idea of what I can expect.

Patti, Atlanta, GA

“I enjoy viewing your website because of its positive and supportive information concerning condotels.”

Leo, Oahu, HI

Hi Joel,

Thank you for all the information and of course all the help along the way regarding Trump International Hotel & Tower Fort Lauderale. I will carefully peruse all the documents, especially the sales contract when it arrives, and will get back to you asap with my decision. Once again thanks for helping make this whole process such a pleasure!

Audrina, Singapore

I own a hotel condo at a ski resort. Thanks so much for maintaining such an informative website about hotel condos. I have referred to it many times.

Donna, Monroe, Louisiana

Dear Joel, How lucky am I to have made an acquaintance with someone who is so giving of his time to QUICKLY answer all my questions. THANK YOU very much! I will take the advice you’ve given regarding condo hotels versus timeshares into consideration. It all sounds proper. Please thank your associate, Henry Perfilio, too.

Erma, Trenton, NJ

Joel, I am really impressed with your knowledge of the leisure accommodation market in Dubai. I hold you in high regard as an industry expert. Thank you for your opinion and insights on the Dubai condo hotel I was considering for purchase.

Sohail, Dubai, UAE

I have met helpful realtors in the past, but your patience and clarity on the telephone and your rapid response cannot be matched.

Irene, Greece

When I had contacted you back in July, I was already dealing with another real estate broker for The Cube in Dubai. I will say the process was a headache for me. I should have worked with you, Joel, on the purchase. Your updates are the best and most helpful. I plan to eventually purchase another condo in Dubai. Please keep me on your mailing list. When I am ready to make another purchase I will definitely contact you.

Gary, Irvington, IL

I absolutely enjoy reading your Property Alert newsletter and do own a condo hotel unit in Hawaii. Good luck and keep sending this wonderful newsletter.

Noor, Dubai, UAE


Thank you so much for your help and communication on my behalf. I was much inspired with great confidence by your quick response. I was impressed again by the fact that you always stood to assist me whenever I asked for help and continued regarding me as a valuable client even after my purchase of a condo hotel in Dubai was complete.

Since all interactions have been done by the internet, emails, and international mailing without the actual presence of both parties, I might have become easily nervous, so I sincerely appreciate your genuine understanding and help in making everything go smoothly.

Young-Mi, Claremont, CA

Your commitment to customer service is rare among many businesses today, and I appreciate your willingness to answer or clarify my concerns no matter how big or small they may be.

Sonia, Detroit, MI

I own a hotel in El Penol, Colombia and am planning to convert it into a condo hotel. I enjoyed your web site, and it answered a lot of my questions about condo hotels. I will be in touch when I am ready to begin marketing the individual units.

Richard, Antioquia, Colombia

I want to congratulate you on the way in which you conducted your business, and the efficiency in which you replied back to me from the start through until this moment. Originally, I had sent a couple of emails to various international real estate investment brokers regarding The Cube in Dubai, however you replied in the time frame that is stated on your website and continued to help me through this process.

I still haven’t heard back from some of the other website addresses. This is the first time I have purchased a property overseas and am grateful for your assistance in making it so easy, and certainly not as daunting as I originally thought it may be.

Simone, Tingalpa Queensland, Australia

I am considering investing in a condo-hotel property in Orlando. Thank you for your website. It is very informative.

Andrew, Ontario, Canada

Joel, I know I have had a lot of questions regarding condo hotels in Dubai. Thank you for being so generous with your valuable time. You have been more helpful than you will ever know.

Christopher, Las Vegas, NV

My wife and I appreciate the information you sent us on condo hotels in Dubai.

Mark, Manila, Philippines

Joel, you are the Condo Hotel God. Thanks for your help in finding condo-tel financing.

Jim, Las Vegas, NV

Thanks for your information on condo hotels. I found it very helpful!

Lie, Warren, NJ

I want to say thank you for your great website and for very useful information contained in it. I appreciate your expert opinions regarding condo hotel options.

Raheel, Dubai, UAE

Henry, I reviewed all your information on the Turks and Caicos properties. Great marketing materials!

Tobin, San Antonio, TX

I never anticipated such an articulate, clear answer to my ‘end loan’ question, and certainly not from the President of the company. Your original response came on a particularly difficult day for me. Your interest and kind, cheerful communication has brightened my week. I’m still smiling!

Kathryn, Las Vegas, NV

I really enjoy your newsletter – I know you devote a lot of work to its production and it shows. It’s very well done and very informative.

Jeanie, Dallas, TX

One of the main highlights for me this year was meeting the fabulously entertaining, funny, smart and wise Joel Greene! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of Your Fan Club. All the best to you and your delightful family.

Kathryn, Pasadena, CA

Thanks for your opinion on the status of my condo hotel purchase. I do appreciate the response and customer service you’ve given me over the past couple years.

Timothy, Gilbert, AZ


You have definately earned my RESPECT! The truth of the matter is that my husband has been dealing with another agent for some time. It is up to me to research the market and any opportunities and present them to my husband. The agent has already given me and the hubby prices on The Cube in Dubai and handpicked apartments he thought we would like.

I personally like your style, quick emails and expertise and have highly recommended you to my husband. The agent he has been dealing with is very nice, but I am not sure how honest he is being with me in terms of pricing the 1 bedrooms. After looking at your price list, I see that he could have recommended ones that are cheaper, as you did.

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. My husband and I look forward to working with you on this and other projects in the future. My hunches are always spot on when it comes to people.

Katrina, Cleveland, England


I truly appreciate your honesty, rapid response, and wealth of information. I got about $20,000 worth of information from you in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Brandon, Plano, TX

My husband and I have both spoken with Joel of Condo Hotel Center. He is a very knowledgeable broker. Joel has lots of condo hotel listings that we had an interest in taking a look at, including some in Hawaii. Because of this, we prefer working with Joel as our ‘mainland’ realtor primarily because of Joel’s experience with these types of sales and also because of the referrals he can offer on the finance end for condo hotel purchases. Joel has been keeping us informed on other opportunities as well with the many condo hotel properties he represents. Mahalo!

Samantha, West Vancouver, BC

Finally! Your condotel website is just what I have been looking for.
Thanks for all the info!

Raya, Sunset Beach, CA

I came across the concept of condotels recently and find it to be very interesting (especially condotels in Dubai). I learned a lot through your website. I feel very comfortable with the information presented on your website. It gives me a sense of trustworthiness. I can feel that there is a lot of integrity in your information. No hard selling. That’s the reason I decided to contact Condo Hotel Center.

Marcus, Singapore


I am interested in buying a condo hotel. I searched on Google. I contacted more than 5 sales people, but you are the most reliable and responsive person.

Young-Gon, Cypress, CA

You are to be congratulated on your website. It is comprehensive and offers 98% (personal opinion) of the information related to this particular type of transaction.

Frank, Fairfax, VA

* Editor’s note: Thank you. We are working on the other 2% of it now and hope to be done shortly.

Joel, your website, your emails and your articles are just excellent. Very well done and impressive. Thanks for all the great information.

Anuj, Norwalk, CT

Your website is a one-stop shop of good properties for sale!

Terry, Ijamsville, MD

Your condo hotel data sheets are amazing! Even in projects that I do not pursue buying, I find them GREAT to read.

Gary, East Setauket, NY


Wow, thanks for taking the time to respond in such detail! I fully understand the fact that I have no guarantees on income with a condo hotel…frankly because of your website. You’re an amazing resource! And dude, I LOVE your sense of humor!

Charlie, Oceanside, CA

Great website! Super informative. And thanks for your recommendations on financing condo hotels.

Richard, Cyprus

Thank you, Joel, for taking time out of your Sunday morning to explain the different properties offered by your company. I have been looking for this kind of investment of 10 years, and when I came upon your website, I felt that I FINALLY found what I was looking for! Thanks for your follow ups. This indicated to me that you are committed to serving the buyer.

Gregory, Golden, CO

Your newsletters are great!

Bill , Albuquerque, NM

Joel, thank you for your suggestions regarding the Kensington Royale in Dubai. It’s so nice that I can get advice from a wise friend like you. I really appreciate what you’ve done for me. Have a wonderful day!

Jean, Long Beach, CA

Dear Joel,
I appreciate all of the work that you have done for me and the information provided. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you!

Nofa, Abu Dhabi

Joel, you really helped me with the information and the reservation forms regarding the Trump Baja and the other condo hotel I purchased back in February in Dubai. Thanks for bringing these properties to my attention. And thank you very much for your detailed Property Alerts and for your quick response to my questions.
Your high level of customer service is very much appreciated. I have passed on your information to other people who are also interested in buying investment property. Thank you again for your assistance!

Sylvia, London, England

Your website is very informative and helpful.

Reynaldo, Miami, FL

Dear Joel Greene

I am unable to find enough words of thanks for your kind and professional reply. Really, I am very grateful for your advice. I will do as you advised. It’s so true that knowledge and experience make one humble, kind and patient and this is exactly evident from your email. Again, many many thanks for your help and crystal clear report. I send my best regards.

Raheel, Birmingham, England

Just a note to thank you for the attorney referral you provided regarding our legal questions on a Florida condo hotel. His advice was very helpful. [He’s] a professional, knowledgeable, experienced attorney besides being a very nice person. Again, thanks so much for the referral.

Maurice, Orange, CA

I really enjoy your newsletters.

Sula, Destin, FL

I just had a real nice conversation with Cindi, the sales person at Rosarito Condo Hotel whom you recommended. The resort appears to be very nicely done and should be a great complement to the famous old hotel with a long 82-year history. The construction itself sounds to be of top quality (equal to California codes), and the pricing seems reasonable. I’m looking forward to receiving more information from Cindi, and I certainly want to thank you again for introducing me to this property.

Jim, Virginia Beach, VA

I was just perusing your condo hotel website and it is very informative and interesting!

Mark, Park City, UT

Thank you, Joel. It is so nice of you to help us get into this project {Trump SoHo}, and we look forward to doing more business going forward.

Ganesh, Lawrenceville, NJ

I came across your condo hotel website and found the information very informative and educating!

Toke, Nigeria

Through Condo Hotel Center I was informed about a new property that had not yet reached the market. Because of this insider information, I was able to purchase a condo hotel unit in the earliest stages of pre-construction. The price was excellent, and as one of the first buyers I had my pick of units.

Michael, New York, NY

Thank you for your expert and quality site and advice…very helpful.

Stephan, Provo, UT

I’ve recently discovered your website and find the information to be well presented and useful. In fact, it is one of the best-organized condo hotel information sources I’ve seen on the web.

Carmalia, Maple Grove, Minnesota

Your information is first class!

Desmond, Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, Mexico

Thank you for your website. I have been fascinated by your information and analysis of Dubai. And I am very excited about the investment my family has made through your company in a Dubai condo hotel. It’s great that Americans and others are learning more about this peaceful, economically vibrant corner of the Middle East.

Keith, U.S. resident of Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

You are a sweetheart Joel, and very efficient and professional. It is a pleasure to work with you!

Suzanne, Lake Worth, FL

Joel Greene of Condo Hotel Center was great in providing me with unbiased information about condo hotels. He helped me weigh the pros and cons of every property and negotiate the best deal. Even after I’d signed a contract, Joel alerted me to two new condo hotels that were coming on the market, despite the risk that I might cancel my original contract and decide to wait for the newer properties to become available (which I did). He showed me he was really looking out for my best interests.
Integrity like that is hard to find. I would highly recommend Joel Greene and Condo Hotel Center to anyone interested in real estate investments.

Jacques, Denver, CO

Great website and information!

Eric, Bellevue, WA

I have found that many brokers don’t return phone calls or respond to e-mails. Imagine my surprise when I sent an e-mail to Condo Hotel Center and received a written, non-automated information-packed response within 30 minutes–at 10:30 P.M., on a Sunday night! The brokers at Condo Hotel Center are extremely service-oriented and responsive.

Hope, St. Paul, MN

Hi Joel,

Your condo hotel website is #1 in my book.

Rasheim, Plainfield, NJ


A quick thanks for keeping me posted on recent and emerging opportunities.

Patricia Ann, Merritt Island, FL

I enjoy browsing your website and am impressed by the depth of information provided.

John, Greenwood Village, CO

I originally called Condo Hotel Center with the intent of purchasing a condo hotel unit. After a brief conversation with Sheldon Greene, he helped me realize that with my travel schedule, a fractional in a private residence club would be a better investment for me. I ended up purchasing a fractional ownership at a ski resort and am looking forward to skiing in Aspen with my grandkids this February.

Harry, Livingston, NJ

I truly enjoy reading your condo hotel newsletter. It is a wealth of pertinent information.

Gabriel, Montreal, Canada

Mr. Greene, my dad and I both attended the unit selection event at the Trump Waikiki earlier today and were amazed by the influx of buyers coming to the event. We were grateful to meet with your onsite sales contact, John, as he treated us with great hospitality. Even though all units sold out to buyers ahead of us in the reservation process and we were unable to purchase a unit this time around, we hope to work with you again if the chance rolls around.
Please continue to update us in the future with any new condo hotels of this high quality such as the Trump Waikiki. We hope to work with you again soon! Thank you very much once again for all your time and help over this past month.

Jack, Taipei, Taiwan

I am impressed with your website. Very educational, informative, and easy to understand.

India, Cancun, Mexico

Let me compliment you on an impressive website. I found it while researching the topic of a vacation home and fractional ownership for my wife and I. I have printed off much of the information found here on your site and appreciate the additional information you’ve provided via email. It’s been very helpful.

Gordon, San Rafael, CA

Maria, thank you for looking into ALL the details for me on the Trump Las Vegas condo hotel. You are great and a true professional.

James, Walnut, CA

I was researching condo hotels on the Internet and looked at the web sites for individual properties. It was a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, I found Condo Hotel Center.

They helped objectively compare the features of the different condo hotels and answer all my questions. Then they even clued me in to a unique buying opportunity at one of the properties I had been considering. They not only gave me useful information but helped me to get a beautiful condo hotel unit at a great price.

Neal, Bronxville, NY

Joel, thanks for your condo hotel Alerts…I’ve been a fan of yours ever since the day I called you on the phone….you came across as real …not hype.

Glenn, Union, SC

Joel took the time to understand what it was that I truly wanted with regard to a real estate investment. Within a few days of my call to him, he located a unit at the Roney Palace in Miami Beach that met all my requirements. He e-mailed me photos, additional information and answers to all of my questions. I was able to make a decision to move forward and purchase that exact unit sight unseen.

I have since seen and closed on the unit, and I am delighted that it was everything that Joel had said it was and more.

John, Mississauga Ontario, Canada

Joel, thank you for all your help and prompt replies. It definitely inspires confidence in you as a reliable and knowledgable source.

Naveen, Saskatchewan, Canada

I had been considering a purchase of a Sunny Isles condo hotel unit, but when I did some Internet research, I learned through Condo Hotel Center that there were other condo hotels in the area for me to consider. I spoke to Joel Greene at Condo Hotel Center, and he told me the pros and cons of each property. We zeroed in on the M Residences that seemed to be more closely matched to my needs. I met with Joel the next day to tour the M Residences. It really was exactly what I was looking for.
Joel helped me negotiate a fantastic deal on a one-bedroom unit. I feel fortunate to have found Condo Hotel Center because it opened my eyes to all my condo hotel options and enabled me to find a property that is best suited for me.

Joe, Miami, FL

Your professional approach to the marketing of properties is highly commendable in terms of transparency, sincerity and valuable recommendations and suggestions.

John, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

I called Condo Hotel Center after I had already gone to contract on a unit at The Atlantic in Ft. Lauderdale. I told Joel Greene that I needed 80% financing and asked for his help. He provided me with the names of three reputable mortgage brokers who each specialized in condo-hotel financing.

It would have taken me weeks to find lenders who understood the complexities of this type of real estate so Joel’s recommendations were very helpful. Also, at the mention of Joel’s name, these brokers were very responsive in serving me. Ultimately, I ended up making application with one of the brokers Joel referred me to.

John, Coral Springs, FL

I called Condo Hotel Center out of curiosity, as I wanted to learn more about condo hotels to determine if they were a good option for me. I eventually realized that a straight condominium was really what I wanted. Joel Greene put me in touch with another real estate broker who specialized in condominiums in the South Florida market and, like Joel, he was an excellent source of information and provided me with terrific service.
Joel’s referral saved me a lot of time. I am very happy with the three-bedroom condo that this broker found for me.

Gwen, Boston, MA

Joel – Thank you for the prompt and informative response. I can’t believe you’re answering emails at 11:15 p.m.! Are you actually working at this hour??? Unbelievable.

Susan, Southfield, MI

I am an avid golfer and was looking for a condo hotel in a country club golf community. I was somewhat overwhelmed when I saw how many condo hotels were listed on the Condo Hotel Center website. I called and spoke with Joel Greene, and he helped me narrow my search down to four properties. He then e-mailed information me on each of those properties that same day. I plan to visit those properties shortly with the intent of buying at one of them.

It was great placing just one phone call to Condo Hotel Center and getting all the information instantly.

Kouroush, Great Neck, NY

I had heard about condo hotels, but was not really familiar with the details. I called the people at Condo Hotel Center whom I found on the Internet. They were enormously helpful. They were able to quickly explain the condo hotel concept – the ability to own and use a vacation home managed by a top hotel company in a desirable tourist destination, the potential for rent revenue to offset expenses, and the likelihood of appreciation.

Condo Hotel Center also helped me to compare the amenities of each individual property so I could select the one that best met my needs. I would highly recommend Condo Hotel Center for their in-depth knowledge of condo hotels and their excellent service.

Jeffrey, Newport, RI

I had been researching condo hotels for several months and thought I’d zeroed in on the best property for me. Just to be sure, I called Condo Hotel Center. Based on my desire to be located in a certain area and my intended use of the resort as a second home, Joel Greene directed me to a resort that frankly I was not aware of. He then assisted me in negotiating a good price.

Would I recommend Joel and Condo Hotel Center? You bet!

Marla, Manhattan, NY

I called Condo Hotel Center because I wanted to work with a realtor who knew Miami Beach where most of the condo hotels are located. Condo Hotel Center, which is located just minutes from most of the condo hotels in the Miami and Miami Beach area, turned out to be an excellent resource for information about the area and the various condo hotel properties. They helped me to select a condo hotel unit in my price range that had the amenities and location I wanted.

Angela, Skokie, IL

Joel, you are the nicest Licensed Real Estate Broker in the world! Thanks for being so helpful. Your expertise and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Debbie H., London, England

We were ready to buy a second home. We wanted a warm area, a place that we had been to before and enjoyed. We thought, of course, of South Florida . We saw advertisements about condo hotels. This was a new concept to us but we liked the idea of not having to be concerned about lawn or pool care, house cleaning, home security, furnishing or remodeling. Most of all we had reached that point where we were interested in good amenities.

We called Joel Greene at Condo Hotel Center, and after speaking to him we realized that a condo hotel met practically all our needs. Joel helped us focus on what was right for us and provided all the necessary property information. We are very happy with our condo hotel unit and have since recommended Joel to our friends.

Maryanne, Pensacola, FL

I contacted Condo Hotel Center and spoke to Joel Greene under the pretense of being a buyer. In fact, I had already actually purchased a unit at Fontainebleau II back in August 2002. Naturally, I had been wondering (for some time) if my decision had been a sound one.

The sales staff at Fontainebleau II was great to listen to, but they had a vested interest in putting out positive spin on sales news. I was looking for an objective opinion. Joel provided that with sincere, timely answers. In the future, should I decide to make another investment, or resell my unit, Joel will be my first call.

Rick, Quincy, MA

Like most average people without any type of business or realty degree or experience, I was very confused as to which properties to put my money and time into. I needed help and advice.
Joel Greene was truly sincere in advising me with his personal experience with real estate as to which properties were best suited for my situation. He gave me all the fact, pros and cons. He was very quick with his replies and answered my questions with the best of his effort! I would definitely recommend anyone that has any questions about purchasing a property to consult him.

Annie, Miami, FL

Testimonials From Developers


I am delighted with the sales you’ve produced, of course, but even happier that I have the pleasure of working with a professional such as yourself.

It makes my job so much easier, especially when I have over 50 agents whom I manage personally in addition to my role as sales manager.

If only all my agents had the presence of mind to gather their data in such an efficient manner before they go head-long into the market with a new product.

It also pleases me that Condo Hotel Center, which is clearly the King of Condo Hotels, is representing The Cube in such a positive light.

Thank you for all your efforts.

Jennifer Pyke
Sales Manager
BMG Middle East Development LLC


The featured property listing you wrote for Oceanfront Residence Club at Daufuskie looks great. And the data sheet is INCREDIBLE! It is so perfectly done, and all encompassing. Wow, you guys do great work!

Laura Duggan
VP Operations
RBC Enterprises, Inc.
Hilton Head, North Carolina


You are stuck with me for as long as I am in the resort real estate business. You will always be my first call, no matter what development I’m working on. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done to introduce Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico to your many clients and to help them to learn about the quality product we’re offering.

Tracy Collingridge
Property Specialist
S&P Destination Properties


Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such quality information about condo hotels. You are a great help and clearly have the powerful resouces to move the project forward. I appreciate you professionally answering my emails so quickly. Your integrity, deep insights into condo hotels and your informative website are very impressive. Thank you for all your wonderful information and assistance.

Jason Yang
Senior Planner
Shenzhen Fountain Corporation
Shenzhen, China

I read the informative Q & A you have on the web regarding condo hotels. It’s brilliant – it really is. It’s precise and informed. I learnt so much from it and have gone from having zero knowledge to having a good idea how these condo hotels work.

Ravi Gill
President & CEO
Terragold Group Of Companies
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Joseph (Sgarlata),

I’m impressed with the detail and thoroughness of your marketing efforts. I think these are among the factors that set your organization apart from the rest. I’m looking forward to a mutually beneficial and successful relationship with Condo Hotel Center.

Dave Gleim
Sales Executive
Sonesta Resort Orlando
Orlando, Florida


Your explanation about ‘why condo hotel ownership’ to our buyers was well stated. I hope you don’t mind if I save it and plagiarize it to my benefit when faced with similar questions. You really know your stuff.

John Herkenrath
Sales Specialist
Residential Suites Ritz Carlton Kapalua
Kapalua, Hawaii

Condo Hotel Center is a huge resource for any developer. Their website is powerful and their people are great. When I was on the Trump Baja sales team, I worked with Joel Greene from CHC. His efforts resulted in over 100 reservations and numerous sales. Now I’m again working with Joel here at the Fairmont Tamarack, and I told our marketing staff that he is a tremendous asset to have on our side!

Marie Laure
Director of Sales
Fairmont Tamarack
Donnelly, Idaho

The Property Alert you put together on Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square looks great. It’s well written and keeps your attention. Thanks!

Lisa Manley
Director of Sales
Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square
San Francisco, CA

Wow! I’m so impressed with the layout of your information. It’s simply stunning. I can see how your buyers would feel very comfortable, finding all the facts they need and talking with you. You guys truly know what you are doing. I must say it is very refreshing to come across such professionalism.

Suki Mann
Senior International Property Consultant
Damac Properties
Dubai, UAE


The Property Alert for The Residences at Island Gardens looks FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and research. This is above and beyond what any other broker has done for us . I sent it to management and they completely agree and are VERY pleased with your presentation of the project. We sincerely look forward to doing business with you. Well done!!!

Annie de la Rosa
Sales Executive
The Residences at Island Gardens
Miami Beach, FL

Hi Joel and Maria,

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for posting Ocanos on your site – it looks great and is beautifully written. I know you will have a lot of success in introducing your clients to Ocanos Resort.

Doug Guinan
Ocanos Resort, Residences and Marina
Islamorada, Florida


Your Property Alert on The Bridge at Dubai Sports City looks amazing! Well done. Many thanks.

Hend Maktari
Business Development Manager
The First Group
Dubai, U.A.E.


Thanks so much for your advice and direction.

Mike Cowart
Cowart Hospitality Services, LLC
Birmingham, AL

I simply LOVE the way Joel writes! He did a great job in describing Giovanni Boutique Suites to his client and assisting him in the purchase. Yes, suite #403 is now reserved for Mr. B.

Thanks & regards,

Shital D’Netto
Department Head, Post Sales & Service
Salya LLC
Dubai, UAE


The page about Aina Nalu on your website looks incredible! You and Susan were able to craft a very well-written piece. Please pass along my admiration for her writing skills. You both have captured the sentiment that I attempted to convey. I am truly thrilled with the way this came out. You rock!

Tara Thomas
McEntire Realty
The Club Residences at Aina Nalu
Lahaina, Hawaii

The Property Alert that your team developed looks fantastic! I am very impressed with what you have put together. I am looking forward to both you and our sales people being very busy as a result of this promotion.

Oliver Hickey
Sales Director of Damac Properties
Dubai, UAE


Thank you for yet another lead!

By the way, I was thrilled to read about you recently in the Property Section of the Financial Times. I think they said something like you were the top condo hotel broker in the world. Of course, Louise and I already knew that, but nice to see it in print!

Lynnette Dodds
Director-Residential Marketing
ResidenSea (USA), Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Joel,

I am looking forward to working with you. I know your track record and how you work. I have no doubt that we will do great business together.

Ali Aljabri
Senior Property Consultant
Middle East Development
Dubai, UAE

Mr. Greene,

How lovely it is to chat with someone with your expertise!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write your e-mail to me, as well as taking the time to speak to me today over the phone. You have indeed educated me in many ways today and I intend to add you to my list of knowledgeable professionals.

Diosa Gary
Century21 NY Metro
Fine Homes And Estates
New York, New York

I thoroughly enjoy liaising with you, Joel. Most realtors that we come across are just so serious, they forget to enjoy their every day work. You are different. You are funny, bright and zipping fast.

Dr. Rakesh Chandola PhD,
Senior Consultant
Giovanni Boutique Suites
Dubai, UAE


You have been, by far, my best contact when it comes to getting actual buyers. Feel free to present this email to anyone who wants to know how you work. You are always extremely professional. The people who come to my office, through you, always tell me how wonderful you are as far as knowing your product and making them feel great about becoming an owner at a Trump project!!!!!

Honey Dietrich
Director of Sales
Trump Las Olas Beach Resort
Ft. Lauderdale , FL

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Condo Hotel Center team for your professionalism and being able to come up with all the quality work in a very short term period. The Property Alert on Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique came out great!

Werner Gruner
International Partnerships Manager
Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique
Algarve, Portugal

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As a service to our clients, we provide FREE Property Alerts via e-mail. We often learn about condo hotel and condo buying opportunities in advance, when prices are low and a full selection of inventory is available. Get the scoop on new properties.

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