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U.S. Condo Hotels For International Buyers

The Appeal of U.S. Condo Hotels to Overseas Buyers

Condo hotels have particular appeal to international individuals and companies that would like to invest in vacation homes in the United States but don’t want the hassles of maintaining and renting out their property when they’re not using it.

Unlike a timeshare, a condo hotel unit offers the flexibility to use the vacation home whenever desired. It also is much more likely to appreciate in value than a timeshare, as the resale market for condo hotels is much stronger than timeshares.

Unlike a traditional condo or single family house, a condo hotel unit offers the ability to easily generate revenue to cover its costs. A professional on-site management company finds the renters and oversees the home’s upkeep and maintenance.

Essentially, a condo hotel is a hassle-free, revenue-generating way to own a luxury vacation home appreciation potential in a prime setting like Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas or the Bahamas.

We Work with Buyers from All Over the World

Condo Hotel Center has reached out to the international market and received a warm reception. On a daily basis, we work with buyers from:

  • Europe (especially Great Britain, Ireland and Germany)
  • South America (especially Venezuela, Argentina, Columbia and Brazil)
  • Central America (especially Honduras and Panama)
  • The Caribbean (especially Puerto Rico and the Bahamas)
  • North America (especially Mexico and Canada).

We welcome international clients and strive to be particularly responsive to their unique needs.

Condo Hotel Center Can Get You the Information You Need

Look upon Condo Hotel Center as an information source. If you will be coming to the United States, we can coordinate visits of the properties that interest you most. Or, if you prefer to shop from abroad, we’ll serve as your eyes and ears in getting you the information you need.

We can provide you with a wealth of facts on the condo hotel concept as well as detailed data sheets, brochures and photos of specific condo hotel properties that interest you. We will answer any questions you have and present you with comparative pricing data so that you may make an informed decision. We can even put you in touch with financing sources and international legal experts when needed.

Our Services Are Free to Buyers

Condo Hotel Center charges no fees to buyers, whether U.S. or international. Our information services are free. You sign no contract with us. And you’re never under any obligation to work with us.

The cost to purchase a condo hotel through us is the same as going direct to the property and buying through the developer’s salesperson. The difference is we can offer you objective information and unbiased advice to help you comparison shop.

Like most real estate transactions, our commissions are paid only by the sellers, never by buyers. It costs nothing to request information and assistance from us.

Want to Learn More?

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