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Downtown Miami, the New Desirable Location for Condo Living

Downtown Miami is changing.  The evidence is everywhere — in the people, the streets, the shops and the restaurants.  But nowhere is the change more profound than in the housing market. As a city that has morphed into many different forms throughout its history, Miami has evolved into a hip, cosmopolitan business and cultural center […] Read More »

Florida Condominiums – Great Deals, But Do Your Homework Before Buying

You’ve thought about your next place to live.   You’ve decided you want a condo in Florida.  Good decision.   Condos come with wonderful amenities like large, resort-style swimming pools, and you never have to worry about property maintenance. In Florida you’ll enjoy the sub-tropical weather and be able to take advantage of the friendly state tax […] Read More »

Straight Condos in Condo Hotels – The Appeal of Hybrid Real Estate

Along with the proliferation of condo hotels in South Florida and around the country has come a new breed of real estate — the condo hotel hybrid.  Webster’s defines hybrids as “the interaction or cross-breeding of two unlike sources.”  While the definition is usually applied to animals or plants, it can be relevant to real […] Read More »

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