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10 Reasons to Buy Your Miami Condo NOW

The Miami area offers sunshine in abundance, world-class beaches, designer shopping and an exhilarating nightlife.  If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a condo in this exciting destination, there may be no better time than the present.  Here are 10 reasons why NOW is the time to buy:

  1. Miami condos are at floor-sweeping prices. They’ve dropped by 30%-50% since last year. And you’re unlikely to find yourself in a bidding war with other buyers and speculative investors. If you want a bargain, it’s out there!
  2. Prices are negotiable. Not long ago, the price on a Miami condo was the price. Take it or leave it. That’s certainly not the case in today’s buyer’s market. Name your price and your terms, and you just might hear a “yes.”
  3. Financing is available. Yes, Epic Residences & Hotel, Miamibanks are holding onto their cash with tighter firsts, but that doesn’t mean money can’t be found. Banks are making loans and often developers pave the way with preferred lenders so that their condo buyers can quickly get approved and complete the sale.
  4. Mortgage rates are favorable. Financing is affordable. Rates are at historical lows as they have been for the past few years.
  5. Appreciation potential is great. When you buy a Miami condo that’s been discounted in today’s depressed market, you’re likely to see its value increase quickly when the economy rebounds.
  6. Construction is complete on most of Miami’s hottest condos. In the hyped-up buying craze of 2005 – 2007, most condo developments sold out in the preconstruction phase, many on their first day! That meant buyers had to wait anywhere from six months to two years to see their purchase materialize. Now construction on those Miami condos is complete. Buyers can purchase a residence and move into their home-sweet-home within weeks.
  7. Miami condos have incredible amenities. Developers know that in order to move their inventory of Miami condos, they’ve got to make their property appealing. That means offering all the bells and whistles. At today’s condo developments, you’re likely to find resort-style pools, full-service spas, state-of-the-art fitness centers, restaurants and even concierge services. You get all the perks of staying at a resort right in your very own home.
  8. Waterfront property, that most highly-desired type of real estate, is reasonably priced. If looking out the window of your Miami condo and seeing the ocean or bay is the type of lifestyle you’ve always envisioned, you may be pleasantly surprised that your goal is attainable now.
  9. You can have your pick of downtown Miami condos. If you fancy cosmopolitan living in which you’re close to businesses, entertainment and cultural venues, you’ll find an unbeatable selection of luxurious condos in the heart of downtown Miami.
  10. Finally, regardless of the real estate market, Miami is and will always be a desirable place to live. With its year-round gorgeous weather and the wealth of activities and services available in this exciting city, you can’t go wrong with a Miami condo home. Miami is a wonderful place to call home.

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