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Playa Blanca Beach Resort

A Tropical Wonderland in Panama Prices Start at $146,500

January 19, 2007

Hello! Maria Lopez here, Condo Hotel Center’s “Latin Connection.” Welcome to our first Property Alert of the new year.

As you know, when it comes to real estate, timing is everything. There’s nothing worse than hearing about a big, juicy buying opportunity … and then finding out too late that you missed the boat.

Today it’s your turn to get in on the action first. You’re about to learn about a lush, tropical hideaway that has yet to be discovered by investors. This location holds so much appeal that Conde Nast named it “One of Six to-Die-For Second Home Destinations” in the world!

What is this hidden jewel? I’m talking about Panama. A picturesque refuge just a 2.5 hour flight from Miami, this exquisite country is set to quickly become Central America’s premier tourist and retirement destination. And for that reason, it also happens to be the location of the development we’ve chosen to feature for our first Property Alert of 2007.

Playa Blanca offers high-rise condos, townhomes and houses on the ocean. All are eligible for the rental program.

Playa Blanca: A Return to Bare Essentials

Nestled in the lovely city of Playa Blanca on Panama’s Pacific coast is Playa Blanca Beach Resort, Spa & Residences, a 205-acre beachfront oasis. Just a 75-minute drive from the City of Panama, Playa Blanca has 3,200 feet of sandy beaches surrounded by numerous natural springs and lagoons.

Currently operating within the property stands Playa Blanca Hotel with 219 suites. Originally built in 2003, the hotel has a large established following, and many buyers of vacation homes at Playa Blanca will surely be people who have previously stayed at the hotel.

The already successful Playa Blanca Hotel will soon be upgraded to five-star standards and will serve as a draw to the resort.

In an extensive development project, the existing hotel will undergo a major renovation that will upgrade it to five-star standards and its operation will be overtaken by a world-renowned signature hotel chain.

But the hotel is just the tip of the “tropical iceberg.” It is soon to be only one of many developments within this resort, and it is not what we’re writing about today.

What we’re really featuring are the vacation homes (a variety of different types available) within this incredible resort, all located on the ocean and offering a plethora of amazing amenities.

A Luxurious Tropical Community

Playa Blanca is the ideal place for nature lovers. The ocean view, the numerous lagoons in a peaceful rainforest beach setting, beautiful exotic plants and meandering natural trails combine to make Playa Blanca your perfect hide-away.

Playa Blanca offers an opportunity to own a vacation home in a tropical paradise at an affordable price.

Spread across 205 acres, Playa Blanca will be more than a resort; it will be an upscale community with the land expanse and natural resources to include every possible amenity and activity.

Playa Blanca will feature a 17-acre crystal water lagoon.

The resort will include:

  • Approximately 1,600 condos
  • 160 single-family homes
  • Grand entrance lobby with porte-cochere, magnificent waterfall, elegantly landscaped entryway and reflecting pools
  • Lush, exotic landscaping and gardens
  • Large, resort pool with private cabanas and views of the ocean
  • Numerous lagoons and infinity-edge pools throughout the resort
  • Town center with boutiques, novelty shops, convenience store, international bank branch office, nursery, medical center, 24 hour pharmacy, Italian café with deli and pastry shop, ice cream parlor and cleaners
  • Nautical Club offering boats, kayaks, wave runners and more
  • Lounge and night club
  • Casino
  • Full-service spa including outdoor oceanfront spa cabanas
  • 500-seat, state-of-the-art convention center
  • Tennis Pro Club with eight soft and hard courts
  • Kids’ Club with supervised lessons, activities and field trips
  • Concierge service, door attendant and full-security service
  • Five-star hotel

Playa Blanca will feature lushly landscaped gardens, numerous infinity pools and ocean views from every vantage point.

Playa Blanca will also feature a 17-acre crystal water pool.  It will be the only one of its kind in Panama.  It will hold over 600,000 gallons of turquoise 79F water year-round.  The state-of-the-art crystal water pool will cost millions to build but will make Playa Blanca a stand-out residential project, on par with the latest, top-of-the-line amenities found only in ultra-high end resorts in places like Dubai, UAE.

You have an opportunity to get in now at pre-construction pricing. I’ll give you more details on this fabulous property in just a moment, but first I wanted to tell you a little more about Panama – and what all the fuss is about.

Discover Paradise So Close to Home

The country of Panama is located in the stretch of land that connects Central to South America. Panama actually runs west to east, with the Caribbean on the north and the Pacific Ocean on the south.

Playa Blanca is on Panama’s Pacific Coast, about 75 miles southwest of the City of Panama.

With a population of 3,000,000, the diminutive Panama is slightly smaller than the state of South Carolina. It boasts pristine, white sandy beaches, spectacular landscapes, rich bio-diversity and an inviting local population to make you feel right at home.

The country received the highest rating for tourist safety from world renowned Pinkerton Intelligence Agency. It’s a tropical paradise with all the banking, commerce and tourism infrastructure of a modern, well-developed country.

In fact, when stacked up against traditional vacation havens such as Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, Panama has more amenities, lower costs and more security for travelers.

Think Panama is too far to travel to? Think again! Panama is surprisingly accessible. International flights arrive at and depart from Tocumen International Airport, about 30 minutes from Panama City.

Panama’s gateways cities in the U.S. are Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, NC and Orlando. The busiest route is Miami-Panama City, with a flight that takes under three hours.

Why Panama?

With a low cost of living, a stable political environment, safe streets and a tropical climate, foreigners, particularly Americans are flocking to Panama as a second home and as a retirement haven. Consider these appealing facts about Panama:

  • It’s tourist-friendly. Panama is a “melting pot” – a remarkably diverse country by Central American standards. The official language is Spanish, though English is widely spoken in Panama City and tourist areas.
  • It has received the highest category rating for tourist safety from the world-renowned Pinkerton Intelligence Agency and government stability has characterized the country for decades.
  • The U.S. dollar is Panama’s currency (how’s that for convenience!). With the cost of living so low, your dollar stretches very far.
  • It has a near-perfect tropical climate, with an average daytime temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also located away from the hurricane belt.
  • It offers exceptional health care services, with English-speaking doctors and hospitals with the latest diagnostic equipment.
  • Most new developments are exempt from real estate taxes for five to 20 years. (For example, Playa Blanca’s Founders Tower condos qualify for 20 years of tax-free status!)
  • It has the best retiree incentive program in the world, including perks such as 50% off entertainment anywhere in the country and 25% off restaurant meals.
  • It has minimal visa requirements. All that U.S. citizens need is a passport and a $5 tourist card bought at the airport on the way in.

Rendering of resort’s town center. It will include shops, a bank, medical center, pharmacy, cafés and ice cream parlor.

Keeping Busy in Panama

Breathtaking Natural Sights Often referred to as the “crossroads to the world,” this tiny but bountiful country offers some of the world’s most bio-diverse rainforests, brimming with exotic flora and unusual sights. Panama has 944 recorded bird species (more than the U.S. and Canada combined!), 1500 species of trees and over 700 species of plants.

A large tropical forest reserve called Parque Metropolitano offers five trails where toucans, parakeets, sloths and Titi monkeys are a common sight.

With over 1,700 miles of coastline and hundreds of picturesque islands (including easy access to 1,024 Caribbean islands), Panama is a beach lover’s paradise. The combination of ivory-white sand, crystal-blue water and bountiful marine life attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Whether your passion is snorkeling, diving, fishing, windsurfing or golfing, a day spent on Panama’s beaches is guaranteed to meet your highest expectations for tropical fun!

The Panama Canal The Eighth Wonder of the World is here – the Panama Canal! At the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks, you can spend hours watching cruise ships and freighters moving gracefully through the Canal (over 14,000 every year).

The Panama Canal has been deemed one of mankind’s greatest engineering feats, and it’s getting a $5.25 billion expansion to double its capacity and enable it to allow passage of today’s new mega-ships, too large for the 1914 locks. This fact alone is expected to significantly add to Panama’s real estate values in the coming years.

Panama City Playa Blanca is just 75 minutes away from Panama City. It is a central tourist hub and a fascinating destination in itself. This colorful, cosmopolitan city offers Spanish colonial ruins, sensational museums, beautiful parks, a breathtaking skyline and a fantastic array of hotel, restaurant, convention and banking facilities. Okay, now I know you’re eager to hear more about Playa Blanca Beach Resort, Spa & Residences, so let’s get to it!

Meet the Team Behind Playa Blanca The development of Playa Blanca is being led by Lynx Strategic Development, one of the most dynamic development companies in South Florida. Lynx specializes in conducting pre-development strategies, which is where the greatest value is added to the projects. Also on the development team is Zoom Sales & Developments, a firm devoted to real estate development as well as to construction services in Panama. Playa Blanca is being architected by EDSA, one of the leading planning and landscape architectural firms in the world. Practicing since 1960, EDSA is the creator of the world-famous Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Spread across 205 acres, Playa Blanca offers a variety of vacation home options. Construction has already begun!

Ownership Options, Prices From $146,500

One of the nicest things about Playa Blanca Resort is that it offers investors a diverse selection of vacation homes from which to choose. Consider these options:

  • One-bedroom residences in the town center priced from  $146,500

Founders Towers offer two-bedroom condominiums with prices starting at just $202,500.

  • One- to three-bedroom residences in the Ocean Towers priced from $151,000
  • Two-bedroom residences in the Founders Towers, priced from $202,500
  • Three-bedroom residences in the Terraza Tower priced from $296,600
  • Terrace Villas priced from $415,000

No matter which type of home you select, you can be assured of such premium features as state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, spacious walk-in closets, high-speed Internet access, designer fixtures and imported ceramic floors.

The units are sold unfurnished. However, the developer is offering extremely affordable furniture packages ranging in price from $15,000 to $25,000.

Optional Rental Program

Here’s another unique and notable aspect of Playa Blanca: as an owner, you will have no living restrictions whatsoever! That means you may live in your vacation home full-time or place it in a professionally-managed rental program. All condos and homes are eligible for participation in the rental program.

How to Reserve Your Vacation Home

To reserve any of the vacation homes at Playa Blanca Resort, you’ll need to put down 30% of the purchase price – 10% at contract, 10% when construction begins (varies for each type of home) and 10% at top off, when the exterior structure of the building is complete and the roof has been added.

One of the larger styles of home at Playa Blanca comes with its own private swimming pool.

Get in on the Action First – The Time Is Now!

I know you’ve probably heard about all the great real estate opportunities in Costa Rica. But that destination has already been “outed” in the real estate community, with demand for property driving prices up quickly.

Panama offers all of the same benefits of Costa Rica – a safe, beautiful location, great incentives for foreigners and low-cost property – yet remains Central America’s best-kept secret. Buying in Panama now will allow you to get a luxurious vacation home in a fully-amenitized resort for just a fraction of the cost of a condo hotel unit in Fort Lauderdale or Las Vegas!

Your own private paradise awaits you – but it won’t wait for long. Remember, if you make your reservation now, you can get in at surprisingly low pre-construction prices – and while there are still plenty of stunning units left from which to choose!

Request a Data Sheet

If you’d like to get more details about Playa Blanca Beach Resort, Spa & Residences, we’ve prepared a data sheet that will provide you all the information you need. We’ve also put together additional information on investing in Panama.

In accordance with developer requirements, you’ll have to provide your contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail) to receive this data sheet.

Click here to request a data sheet for Playa Blanca.

Check Our New Listings

Panama is a rapidly developing country offering exciting opportunities for international investors. Over the course of the next year, we plan to spotlight various condo hotels and resorts in this dynamic part of the world. For those buyers who get in early, affordable pricing and luxury accommodations make developments like Playa Blanca the ultimate vacation home.

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Since the start of the new year, we’ve added more than a dozen new properties in places ranging from Florida and California to Morocco and Spain. And keep checking back, because our research team is hard at work adding many more too!

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