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CW Resort & Marina, Clearwater FL Condo Hotel

Leaseback Program Offers Guaranteed 8% Return

Hello, Joel Greene here from Condo Hotel Center. Before I get into today’s featured property, I have a quick story for you. This one dates back to 1948 when Clearwater Beach, Florida was a sleepy village of 15,000 residents.

Early one morning a local person walking along the beach noticed some immense three-toed footprints. The tracks came out of the water and continued on the sand for two miles before disappearing back into the surf. The footprints were 14 inches long and 11 inches wide.

The police were called (I’m not quite sure why). They examined the footprints and were quoted in the local newspaper saying, “They seem to be real.” A nationally recognized biologist was called to investigate further. He said the footprints had “typical animal traits.” He surmised they had been made by some sort of 15-foot penguin (never mind that the average year-round temperature in Clearwater is 85º).

A few months later the tracks appeared again. In fact, they began reappearing once or twice a year until 1958. So for a full decade, the people of Clearwater Beach believed that a 15-foot penguin-asaurus was living in their midst!

Today’s featured property just happens to be in Clearwater Beach. Read on for details about this to-be-built condo hotel and then I’ll tell you the rest of the giant penguin story at the end.

Clearwater Condo Hotel

CW (Clearwater) Resort & Marina will be an eight-story, luxury condo hotel built overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway in the heart of Clearwater Beach. It will have 91 luxury residences, including 11 penthouse units.

CW Resort and Marina will soon be the newest luxury condo hotel in Clearwater Beach.

As a condo hotel, CW Resort will give owners the option of using their residence or placing it in the onsite rental program for revenue. Owners will also be able to rent out the residence on their own or by using a platform such as Airbnb, VRBO or Hotels.com.

A Wide Array of Amenities

CW Resort will have an amenity terrace overlooking the bay. It will include:

  • Large heated outdoor pool with hot tub
  • Private cabanas
  • Fully-equipped fitness center
  • Restaurant overlooking the water
  • Bar

The property will have 24-hour room service and security. Airport shuttles, valet parking, concierge and poolside services will also be available.

A spacious amenity terrace will feature a large outdoor pool, hot tub, sun deck and cabanas.

Guests will have access to recreational water activities such as jet skis, boat rentals and charter boats. The marina will have 45 boat slips, of which 37 are available for sale. They’ll accommodate boats from 35 to 60 feet.

Much like the CW Resort residences, owners of a boat slip will have the option of placing it into a rental program to earn revenue when they’re not using the slip themself.

The resort’s marina will have 45 boat slips, 37 of which are for sale along with the condo hotel units.

Seller Leaseback Program

The developer of CW Resort is offering a leaseback program. When buyers purchase a unit, they’ll have the option of leasing it back to the developer in exchange for a guaranteed 8% return, based on their purchase price, for one year, possibly longer.

Once the leaseback programs ends, owners at this property will still be able to participate in the professionally managed rental program if they choose. Details about the rental split, which happens to be very favorable, are available upon request.

The developer’s leaseback program will pay a guaranteed 8% return.

The developer is ARC Realty Group. CW Resort will be their fifth project in the area, and they’ve completed over 2,000 units in the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area and in Canada. Each of their properties is exceptional, and owners are seeing solid returns.

Condo Hotel Center has worked closely with this developer since their first project in 2019, which is why we’ve been allowed to tell you about this property before the news has been made public. If you hurry, you can have your pick of the full inventory. And in each of this developer’s other projects, we have seen frequent price increases due to demand soon after the initial release.

The condo hotel units will feature contemporary, open-concept designs with amazing water views.

Where Is Clearwater Beach?

Clearwater Beach is a popular resort town just west of Tampa. CW Resort‘s location will offer proximity to the downtown’s restaurants and attractions as well as the beach. You can enjoy spectacular sunsets at Pier 60, a nightly festival on the beach featuring music, crafts and street performers.

CW Resort will have multiple seating areas for relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.

Sports fans flock to the Clearwater area to catch a glimpse of the Philadelphia Phillies competing during MLB’s spring training season. A 30-minute drive will get you to Tampa and its myriad attractions, and a mere 90 minutes will let you visit Orlando’s world-class theme parks.

The CW Resort’s restaurant overlooks Clearwater Bay.

Prices Start at $651,250

Construction on CW Resort is expected to begin in October 2024 and to be complete by March 2026. The condo hotel residences come with one to three bedrooms. There are also 11 large penthouses.

All units will be delivered fully furnished and guest-ready. Prices start at $651,250 and go up to $1,444,800. Want to know more? Request my detailed data sheet below.

Request the data sheet for CW Resort & Marina.

The Legend of the Clearwater Beach Monster

Returning to the story I started at the top, as you might have guessed, the giant penguin-asaurus was a hoax. In 1988, local man Tony Signorini finally confessed to the elaborate prank. He and his friend, Al Williams, who died in 1969, had seen a photo of dinosaur footprints in National Geographic. It gave them the idea for the hoax, although they never envisioned it getting so much attention.

They designed three-toed feet to match the dinosaur photo, then had them cast in iron. They bolted a pair of high-top sneakers to the iron feet.

Tony Signorini posed for this photo when he finally came clean about the prank in 1988.

Late at night, the two men would take out a small boat and row close to shore. One of them would put on the 30 lb. shoes and walk out of the shallow water and up the beach, before meeting the boat further up the coast. To guarantee that their efforts wouldn’t be missed, they would have a friend report the footprints the following day.

Signorini passed away in 2013. His family made sure his obituary included that “Tony was famous for being ‘The Clearwater Monster,’ a hoax that made national news.”

I hope that story, along with my description of CW Resort, made a deep impression on you.

Again, if you could be interested in this property, please request my detailed data sheet. And if you’re looking for a condo hotel or condo residence somewhere else in Florida, such as the Miami or Orlando area, give me a call and I’m happy to tell you what properties I’m tracking.

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