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Belize, One Person’s Perspective

Hello. Joel Greene here from Condo Hotel Center.

I received a letter about Belize from one of my customers that I’d like to share with you if you are giving Palmetto Bay Resort in Belize your consideration. He writes:


I’ve done a fair amount of traveling over the years, looking to pick up international real estate during the recession. I’ve come very close to pulling the trigger on a lot of deals but the one thing that’s kept me from purchasing foreign real estate was the absence of property rights for foreigners.

With so many nations drowning in debt, I keep in mind the risks of foreign governments nationalizing foreign-held property in order to shore up their finances. In other words, no property rights, no dollars. That and the expensive, jet-lagged trips to Europe and Asia steered me away from leaving the Americas.

For me, those are the strong points that sold me on Belize. Foreigners have full property rights, and Belize is close enough to get there the same day from virtually anywhere in the US and still stay in the same time zone (the beach is best when you’re not jet lagged).

Belize certainly has an interesting history, and it appears to have become a safe-haven for Americans. I know of many high profile Americans who have invested there such as Leonardo DeCaprio. I read recently he had bought an island there with the thought of building an eco-friendly resort. Quite a few other Hollywood celebs have addresses there as well.

Another thing I like is that there really isn’t a place you need to be careful of. In other Caribbean destinations, there’s usually a social barrier between the tourists and the natives but not there. In just a few days of swimming around, I found myself chilling with a bunch of locals.

Being more affordable than most tropical getaways, it’s also less pretentious. You can walk around shirtless and barefoot and nobody would look twice. That’s how a vacation should be, right?



Drew makes some great points, doesn’t he? If you have any questions about Palmetto Bay Resort or you’d like some additional information I’ve got in my files on Belize, just contact me, Joel Greene, at joel@condohotelcenter.com or (954) 450-1929.

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